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Patriarch Crossbow (*drasch1) [Necromancer]   SC Ladder #23/4


Level 148 Experience 11583381 (0%)
Strength 1155 Life 8191/4446
Dexterity 50 Mana 2069/1495
Vitality 20 Inventory Gold 1221122
Energy 25 Stash Gold 2035376
Free stat points 0 Signets eaten 400
Monsters killed 487540 Character deaths 509
Bosses killed 782 Time spent 100:05:45
Boss first kills 1 Charms completion 27%


Deathspeaker 20Embalming 4Mold the Flesh 1Sacrifices 25Death Ward 8Famine Crossbow 25Buckshot 1Fragmentation Shot 1Dragonfire Oil 25Widowmaker 20Ignite Mastery 5Tenacity 10Endurance
Reward 15Rathma's Chosen
0Free skill points


Name Type Location
Super Healing Potion [2x]
Potion Belt
Perfect Bloodstone [4x]
Gem Cube
Horadric Cube
Horadric Cube Inventory
Catalyst of Learning
Catalyst Inventory
Lylia's Curse
Charm Inventory
Perfect Onyx [8x]
Gem Inventory
Zakarum's Ear
Charm Inventory
The Black Road
Charm Inventory
Horazon's Focus
Charm Inventory
Greater Signet of Learning
Signet Inventory
Spirit Trance Herb
Charm Inventory
Optical Detector
Charm Inventory
Oil of Craft
Oil Inventory
Hammer of the Taan Judges
Charm Inventory
Scroll of Kings
Charm Inventory
Corrupted Shards (3)
Corrupted Shards (3) Inventory
Perfect Amber [4x]
Gem Inventory
Visions of Akarat
Charm Inventory
Xazax's Illusion
Charm Inventory
Catalyst of Jewelcraft
Catalyst Inventory
Idol of Vanity
Charm Inventory
Moon of the Spider
Charm Inventory
Catalyst of Disenchantment
Catalyst Inventory
Sacred Worldstone Key
Charm Inventory
Six Angel Bag
Charm Inventory
Legacy of Blood
Charm Inventory
Oil of Intensity
Oil Inventory
Super Healing Potion [2x]
Potion Inventory
Soulstone Shard
Charm Inventory
Dragon Claw
Charm Inventory
Weather Control
Charm Inventory
Laser Focus Crystal
Charm Inventory
Sunstone of the Twin Seas
Charm Inventory
Till We Have Heaven In Sight
Light Plated Boots (Set) Mercenary
Witchhunter's Hood
Cap (Set) Mercenary
Vaetia's Wall
Tower Shield (SU) Mercenary
Death Ward
Amulet (SU) Mercenary
Lazarus' Chasuble
Light Plate (Set) Mercenary
Malus Domestica
Club (SU) Stash
Superior Splint Mail (Sacred)
Superior Splint Mail (Sacred) [eth] Stash
Depleted Riftstone (6) [12x]
Riftstone Stash
Belladonna Extract
Belladonna Extract Stash
Whisper of the Damned
Whisper of the Damned Stash
Small Cycle [3x]: Strength
Cycle Stash
Catalyst of Transference
Catalyst Stash
Oil of Intensity
Oil Stash
Amber Cluster [8x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Corrupted Shards (1)
Corrupted Shards (1) Stash
Depleted Riftstone (1)
Riftstone Stash
Bloodstone Cluster [5x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Onyx Cluster [4x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Diamond Cluster [9x]
Gem Cluster Stash
Arcane Shards (3)
Arcane Shards (3) Stash
Large Signet of Learning [2x]
Signet Stash
Catalyst of Jewelcraft
Catalyst Stash
Gul Rune
Rune Stash
Jah Rune
Rune Stash
Depleted Riftstone (7)
Riftstone Stash

Stats from gear - experimental

All Skills / Class Skills36
Maximum Skill / Experience036%
Life / Mana stolen per Hit9%10%
Life / Mana after each Kill00
Life / Mana on Striking00%
Life / Mana on Attack00%
Regenerate Life / Mana23/s0%
Cold Resistance / Max88%0%
Fire Resistance / Max86%0%
Lightning Resistance / Max84%0%
Poison Resistance / Max107%0%
Magic / Physical Resistance0%5%
Phys / Ele Damage Reduced50
Poison / Curse length reduction0%0%
Cold Absorb00%
Fire Absorb00%
Lightning Absorb00%
Magic Find / Gold Find0%0%
Movement Speed / Light Radius0%-1
wIAS / gIAS0%35%
FHR / FBR25%25%
TCD / EWD30%27%
Attack Rating0142%
Crushing Blow / Deadly Strike3%0%
Chance to Avoid Damage0%
Slow Target / Attacker0%0%
Cold Damage0
Fire Damage0
Lightning Damage0
Magic Damage0
Cold Spell Damage / Pierce9%10%
Fire Spell Damage / Pierce9%10%
Lightning Spell Damage / Pierce9%10%
Poison Spell Damage / Pierce9%5%
P/M Spell Dam. / Poison Skill Dur.9%0%
Summoned Minion Life / Damage0%25%
Summoned Minion Resistances / AR5%0%

Credits: Big thanks to Kambala, Somnus, ryunp and all testers