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Guardian Dhuny (*Elementling) [Necromancer]   HC Ladder #24/3


Level 140 Experience 9736304 (0%)
Strength 187 Life 8703/5294
Dexterity 25 Mana 4908/1415
Vitality 739 Inventory Gold 1154375
Energy 25 Stash Gold 2500000
Free stat points 0 Signets eaten 166
Monsters killed 242317 Character deaths 0
Bosses killed 105 Time spent 27:18:55
Boss first kills 1 Charms completion 51%


Deathspeaker 20Embalming 4Mold the Flesh 1Sacrifices 25Death Ward 1Bane 1Death Pact Summon 21Blood Skeleton 1Grim Vision 1Violent Immolation 1Night Hawks 30Abyss Knight 1Chaos Nova 1Metal Solace 1Iron Golem 5Resurgence Mastery 3Meditation 10Endurance 10Specialization
Reward 1Talon's Hold 15Veil King
0Free skill points


Name Type Location
Super Healing Potion [16x]
Potion Belt
Super Healing Potion [17x]
Potion Inventory
Superior Plated Belt (4) Inventory
Astrogha's Venom Stinger
Charm Inventory
Laser Focus Crystal
Charm Inventory
Sacred Worldstone Key
Charm Inventory
Idol of Vanity
Charm Inventory
Catalyst of Jewelcraft
Catalyst Inventory
Xazax's Illusion
Charm Inventory
Scroll of Kings
Charm Inventory
Arcane Cluster [29x]
Arcane Cluster Inventory
Umbaru Treasure
Charm Inventory
Horazon's Focus
Charm Inventory
Hammer of the Taan Judges
Charm Inventory
Six Angel Bag
Charm Inventory
Relic: Bane
Charm Inventory
Legacy of Blood
Charm Inventory
Visions of Akarat
Charm Inventory
Crystalline Flame Medallion
Charm Inventory
Spirit Trance Herb
Charm Inventory
Riftwalker's Eye
Charm Inventory
The Butcher's Tooth
Charm Inventory
Death Touch
Throwing Knife (1) Inventory
Charm Inventory
Lylia's Curse
Charm Inventory
The Black Road
Charm Inventory
Dragon Claw
Charm Inventory
Arcane Shards (2)
Arcane Shards (2) Inventory
The Book of Lies
Charm Inventory
Silver Seal of Ureh
Charm Inventory
Optical Detector
Charm Inventory
Sunstone of the Gods
Charm Inventory
Soulstone Shard
Charm Inventory
Catalyst of Disenchantment
Catalyst Inventory
Spirit of Creation
Charm Inventory
Eternal Bone Pile
Charm Inventory
Weather Control
Charm Inventory
Fool's Gold
Charm Inventory
Sunstone of the Twin Seas
Charm Inventory
Catalyst of Learning
Catalyst Inventory
The Ancient Repositories
Charm Inventory
Soul of Kabraxis
Charm Inventory
Moon of the Spider
Charm Inventory
Horadric Cube
Horadric Cube Inventory
Catalyst of Transference
Catalyst Inventory
Corrupted Wormhole
Charm Inventory
Azmodan's Heart
Charm Inventory
Zakarum's Ear
Charm Inventory
Plate Mail (4)
Plate Mail (4) ironGolem
Boots (Set) Mercenary
Leather Gloves (Set) Mercenary
Witchhunter's Hood
Cap (Set) Mercenary
Klaatu Barada Nikto
Amulet (SU) Mercenary
Reflex Bow (Set) Mercenary
Chain Mail (Set) Mercenary
Heavy Belt (4) Mercenary
Mind Warp [7x]
Scroll Stash
Enchanted Vessel [1x]
Shrine Vessel Stash
Ist Container (24) [13x]
Rune Container Stash
Dragon Claw
Charm Stash
Mal Container (23) [1x]
Rune Container Stash
Dragon Claw
Charm Stash

Stats from gear - experimental

All Skills / Class Skills1526
Maximum Skill / Experience054%
Life / Mana stolen per Hit7%8%
Life / Mana after each Kill610
Life / Mana on Striking00%
Life / Mana on Attack00%
Regenerate Life / Mana29.4/s10%
Cold Resistance / Max151%5%
Fire Resistance / Max151%5%
Lightning Resistance / Max153%5%
Poison Resistance / Max145%6%
Magic / Physical Resistance0%30%
Phys / Ele Damage Reduced470
Poison / Curse length reduction50%0%
Cold Absorb05%
Fire Absorb05%
Lightning Absorb05%
Magic Find / Gold Find606%-25%
Movement Speed / Light Radius45%8
wIAS / gIAS0%35%
FHR / FBR55%25%
TCD / EWD37%29%
Attack Rating0233%
Crushing Blow / Deadly Strike12%0%
Chance to Avoid Damage0%
Slow Target / Attacker0%0%
Cold Damage0
Fire Damage0
Lightning Damage0
Magic Damage0
Cold Spell Damage / Pierce31%7%
Fire Spell Damage / Pierce31%7%
Lightning Spell Damage / Pierce31%7%
Poison Spell Damage / Pierce31%2%
P/M Spell Dam. / Poison Skill Dur.31%0%
Summoned Minion Life / Damage253%346%
Summoned Minion Resistances / AR83%200%

Credits: Big thanks to Kambala, Somnus, ryunp and all testers